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Warne Marsh, At The Ice House IPI HDTT6154

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Warne Marsh, At The Ice House IPI
Title: Warne Marsh, At The Ice House
Artist(s): Warne Marsh: Tenor Saxophone
Gary Foster: Alto Saxophone
Dave Koonse: Guitar
Frank De La Rosa: Bass
John Tirabasso: Drums

Recording Info: Recorded by John William Hardy on 9 August 1971 in Pasadena, California 
live at the Ice House at 15 ips IEC.

Note: Distortions and some abrupt endings heard are on the original master tape.
Transferred from the 15ips master tape to DSD256 by Jonathan Horwich

1. You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To 9:51
2. If You Could See Me Now 8:47
3. Two Not One/Lennies Pennies (ends abruptly) 9:13
4. Round Midnight (fragment) 4:30
Total Time: 32:21

Warne Marsh, At The Ice House Pasadena – August 1971
In the annals of jazz, there are a few giants who have played so originally and so brilliantly they have become legends and deserve the title of genius. Warne Marsh is one of those. Although never achieving the popularity of someone like Getz, he is as brilliant a player as has ever touched the tenor saxophone and no one has played like him since. Marsh is highly cerebral and dry, playing long and complex improvisational lines in strict metric time, demanding the serious listener pay attention to hear the depth of his brilliance. Recorded at the Ice House in Pasadena, all the excitement of that live original performance is captured here. Although the original tape contains minor technical flaws, such as fade outs, both horns on one side, these in no way distract from the total experience of a true genius caught in top form.

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