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The Mark Colby Quartet - International Phonograph, Inc. IPI HDTT3059

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The Mark Colby Quartet - International Phonograph, Inc. IPI

Title: The Mark Colby Quartet
Artist(s): Mark Colby - Tenor Saxophone
Steve Million - Piano
Bob Rummage - Drums
Eric Hochberg - Bass
Recording Info: Transferred from a IPI Master Tape
Producer: Jonathan Horwich Producer & Engineer
Date of Recording: August 2014
Venue: Chicago, IL

"I've been listening to Mark Colby for twenty years, and I've seen him grow into a master of the saxophone and master of the music he plays."
Stan Getz

Mark Colby is truly a master of his instrument.  And here we have him with one of the most iconic configurations in jazz, the tenor saxophone-led quartet. With four stellar Chicago musicians playing wonderful, easy-to-listen-to music, the session was recorded on some of the finest microphones and equipment available. The tape recorder used was a custom built Studer/Revox 8-track, while the microphones are as good as ever made: the drums are recorded with a custom, hand built, stereo tube microphone, the piano is recorded with the legendary Neumann C-24 stereo microphone, the bass with both a B&K 4006 instrument mic as well as a Neuman U-49, and the saxophone with the amazing Neumann U-67. The result is a very sweet, relaxed sound that mirrors the playing perfectly: laid back yet satisfying jazz of the highest order.
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