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The Fat Babies - Thumpin' and Bumpin' - International Phonograph, Inc. IPI HDTT5853

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The Fat Babies - Thumpin' and Bumpin' - International Phonograph, Inc. IPI
Title: The Fat Babies, Thumpin’ and Bumpin'
Artist(s): Bass: Beau Sample Piano/Vocals: Paul Asaro Drums: Alex Hall
Cornet/Alto Saxophone: Andy Schumm Trombone: Dave Bock
Clarinet/Alto Saxophone: Jon Otto
Tenor Saxophone/Clarinet: Jonathan Doyle Tenor Banjo/Tenor Guitar: Johnny Donatowicz
Recording Info: Recorded on 26 April 2017 by Jonathan Horwich at Electrical Audio studios,
Chicago to a custom Studer/Revox 278, 8-track tape recorder. Horn mics = Two
Neve RNR1 Ribbon mics (XY configuration); Piano and voice = Two Lawson LP47
MK II tube mics; Banjo = Neumann U-67; Drums = KMF Audio custom stereo tube
mic; Bass = Telefunken 251e. Mixed down from the 8 track master to 2-track
production masters by Anthony Gravino, The Drake, Chicago.
Transferred from the 15ips master tape to DSD256 by Jonathan Horwich

1. Traveling' That Rocky Road 3:15
2. Rock Bottom 3:10
3. Uptown 4:02
4. Ruff Scufflin' 3:13
5. Bathing Beauty 4:01
6. Edna 2:43
7. Harmony Blues 3:43
8. Sweet Is The Night 3:31
9. Thumpin' And Bumpin' 3:01

The Fat Babies, Thumpin’ and Bumpin'  26 April 2017—Chicago Illinois

Groups that play early-period (pre-World War II) jazz are very rare.  Even rarer still are groups that can do so competently and convincingly. The Fat Babies are the real deal.  Consisting of an eight-member jazz band, they enthusiastically embrace the music of the pre bebop era (pre-Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie) and do so with drive, energy, and muscle.  Their love for the music of this period in jazz manifests itself in a buoyant and uplifting energy that is absolutely infectious. Here they are recorded with the natural ambiance of a 1930's nightclub straight to a custom Studer/Revox 8-track complete with old-school tube and ribbon microphones reminiscent of the era. The result is a rare, sonic and musical treasure.

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