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Reggie Thomas Trio - March 2019 – Chicago, Illinois - International Phonograph, Inc. (Pure DSD) IPI HDTT9295

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Reggie Thomas Trio - March 2019 – Chicago, Illinois - International Phonograph, Inc. (Pure DSD) IPI

Title: Reggie Thomas Trio - March 2019 – Chicago, Illinois
Artist(s): Reggie Thomas, Piano
Dennis Carrol, Bass
George Fludas, Drums
Recording Info: Recorded on 31 March 2019 at Pro Musica Chicago to a custom 8-track Revox/Studer C-278 tape deck at 15ips IEC through a Manley 8 X 2 analog microphone mixer/preamplifier. Microphones used were two cardioid AKG 414 EBs on piano, two cardioid AKG ULS's on drums, and a cardioid AKG ULS on acoustic bass.
Engineering by Jonathan Horwich, assisted by Ken Christiansen.
Transferred to Digital from the 15ips master tape to DSD256 by Jonathan Horwich

Finding an original pianist who can front a jazz trio and not sound like myriad others is a daunting task.  How many jazz pianists have a fresh voice?  Well, Reggie Thomas does.  His soulful, hard-swinging brand of piano immediately grabs the listener, imparting joy and a positive energy. Ballads?  Yes, he also plays those flawlessly and does so in this outing.  Joining Mr. Thomas is a veteran rhythm section with Dennis Carrol on bass and George Fludas on drums.  Dennis and George both support and complement Reggie’s piano artistry with wonderful excursions of their own.  The result is a masterful trio creating exquisite music.  The performance was captured with the finest custom and vintage microphones including a pair of legendary cardiod AKG 414 EB’s on piano, two AKG ULS’s on drums and a single AKG ULS on bass, directly to a highly modified Studer/Revox 8-track master recorder.   The result is an audio and musical gem.

1. This Can't Be Love 8:10
2. Love Dance 6:50
3. All The Things You Are 7: 15
4. Is That So 6:55
5. Something 3:05




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