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John Wojciechowski Quartet - International Phonograph, Inc. IPI HDTT7791

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John Wojciechowski Quartet - International Phonograph, Inc. IPI
Title: John Wojciechowski Quartet
Artist(s): John Wojciechowski, tenor sax
Jeremy Kahn, piano
Larry Kohut, bass
George Fludas, drums

Recording Info: Recorded 31 January 2018 at Pro Musica, Chicago, Illinois by Jonathan Horwich, assisted by Ken Christianson, to a custom 8-track, 1/2" Studer/Revox C-278 at 15ips/lEC, through an 8-channel Manley mic preamp. Microphones were a stereo custom tube KMF on piano, a Neumann U67 on tenor saxophone, a Sanken C-100K 
and a Gefel UM70 on bass, on drum overheads a KMF custom tube stereo mic, and on snare a Telefunken 251e.
Transferred from the 15ips master tape to DSD256 by Jonathan Horwich

The jazz quartet led by a tenor saxophone has over time been the most prolific and quintessential jazz collective. In fact, in the history of jazz, you would be hard pressed to count up to the number 25 enumerating the number of quartets led by a trumpet or clarinet or… Why is not totally clear. Despite the abundance of tenor saxophone quartet sessions in the jazz annals, you’d be hard pressed to hear one that is better presented than what you’ll hear with this recording of the John Wojciechowski’s group.  The quartet is from Chicago and comprised of veteran jazz musicians who know how to navigate these waters.  For instance, tenor saxophonist John Wojciechowski (Wojo) is an urban saxophonist through and through. He grew up and developed his powerful, rich tenor sound in Detroit and it pervades the proceedings, complemented by a wonderful improvisational sensibility.  In short he can play, and play he does.  Further upping the standard, pianist Jeremy Kahn plays gorgeously, choosing just the right notes and chords while creating a refreshing originality.  In fact, the entire rhythm section is superb in forming an underpinning for John Wojo’s structured excursions or taking the lead themselves with such wonderful solo work.  This enlightened performance was captured with the finest custom (tube) and vintage microphones straight to a highly modified Studer/Revox 8-track master recorder.  This is one of the finest quality recordings International Phonograph, Inc. has ever produced.  Not to be missed.

1. The Thrill Is Gone 6:45
2. My Man Is Gone 5:15
3. Stella By Starlight 6:43
4. Where Are You? 6:42
5. Passion Flower 5:54

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