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Joe Policastro - Guitar Trio IPI HDTT11255

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Joe Policastro - Guitar Trio IPI

Title: Joe Policastro - Guitar Trio
Artist(s): Joe Policastro: Acoustic Bass
Dave Miller: Guitar
Greg Artry: Drums

Recording Info: Recorded 18 August 2020 at The Drake Studios in Chicago Illinois, onto a custom Studer/Revox 8 track (C-278) at 15ips IEC. Microphones were a Shure SM57 on guitar, a Neumann KM 84 on bass, a Neumann SM69 FET on overhead drums, and a Shure SM57 on snare drum. Engineering by Anthony Gravino. Production by Jonathan Horwich.

1. I Feel Pretty 4:52
2. Sweet And Lovely 5:28
3. Blue Bayou 8:46
4. Jet Song 6:18
5. Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood 6:56

This title, featuring a guitar trio performance captained by Joe Policastro (acoustic bass) has proven to be very popular indeed here at IPI - probably because of the superb modern musicianship, the unusual yet wholly listenable musical approach and the startling sound quality captured by the recording. The three musicians here are all on their game, making for a magical moment that only such unified excellence can provide.  And although guitar (wonderfully played by Dave Miller) is the “lead” instrument, the contribution of both acoustic bass (Joe Policastro) and drums (the amazing Greg Artry) makes this a superb group outing with no weak link to drag things down.  Quite the opposite, as all three musicians propel the proceedings forward with great beauty.  Featuring classic standards (“I Feel Pretty”, “Sweet And Lovely”, “Blue Bayou”, etc.) this performance is one of a kind and not to be missed.

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