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Jimmie Lunceford In Hi-Fi - Billy May and His Orchestra HDTT13838

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Jimmie Lunceford In Hi-Fi - Billy May and His Orchestra

Artist(s): Authentic Re-Creations by Billy May of the Original Lunceford Style
Featuring – Dan Grissom, Joe Thomas, Trummie Young, Willie Smith

Recording Info: Recorded At – Capitol Studios
Recorded in the Capitol Tower, Hollywood, June 15-18, 1957

1 Tain't What You Do 2:47
2 Ain't She Sweet 2:49
3 Charmaine 3:10
4 Uptown Blues 2:49
5 Cheatin' on Me 2:49
6 Coquette 3:08
7 Rhythm Is Our Business 3:18
8 Well All Right Then 2:49
9 Blues in the Night 5:12
10 Four Or Five Times 3:05
11 I'm Walking Through Heaven 3:18
12 For Dancers Only 2:43
13 My Blue Heaven 3:12

Please Note: This release was edited in DXD PCM from a DSD256 Master
then the DXD edited master was used to generate the final DSD files using
Merging Technologies Album Publishing.
DXD (352.8KHz 24/32 bit PCM) is one of the best and least destructive formats for post-processing DSD originated digital recordings

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