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Jeremy Kahn Trio – December 2021 IPI HDTT13742

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Jeremy Kahn Trio – December 2021 IPI

Title:  Jeremy Kahn: Piano
Joe Policastro: Acoustic Bass
Alex Hall: Drums
Recording Info: Recorded 1 December 2021 at Pro Musica, Chicago, Illinois, onto a custom Studer/Revox 8 track C-278. Microphones were a stereo pair of AKG 414EB's on piano, an Earthworks SV 33 on bass, and a pair of AKG 414 ULS's on drums. Microphone preamp was a Grace m801 mk2. Engineering by Jonathan Horwich and Ken Christianson.
1. St. Louis Blues 8:10
2. Blue Room 5:46
3. Black and Blue 6:09
4. Mooche 5:51
5. Black and Tan Fantasy 6:31

Chicago veteran pianist, Jeremy Kahn, is well known to IPI customers.  His playing on both Dee Alexander’s “Magic” (brilliant comping) and “Duets” with Eric Alexander showcase his extraordinary skills.  He is found in the classic trio setting with bass (Joe Policastro) and drums (Alex Hall) on this tape.  The music is old school yet modern at the same time – a trick few can pull off, but Jeremy does and does so gorgeously. The session was recorded at Pro Musica Chicago, directly to a custom Studer/Revox 8-track tape recorder through a Grace 8-channel preamp. Engineering by Jonathan Horwich and Ken Christianson.  The sound is immediate and transparent yet musical and involving.  

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