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Greg Ward Vibes Quartet DSD IPI - International Phonograph, Inc. IPI HDTT12631

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Greg Ward Vibes Quartet DSD IPI - International Phonograph, Inc. IPI

Title: Greg Ward Vibes Quartet
Artist(s): Greg Ward, Alto Sax
Jason Adasiewicz,  Vibes
Joshua Abrams,  Bass
Quin Kirchner, Drums
Recording Info: Recorded on 21 November 2020 at Palisade Studios, in Chicago by Anthony Gravino,
to a custom 8-track Revo:x/Studer C-278 tape deck at 1 Sips IEC through an API 1608
console. Microphones used were a Coles 4048 on alto sax, a Neumann stereo SM69
FET on vibraphone, a Telefunken 251 e on acoustic bass, a Neuman U-67 on overhead
drums, a Shure SM57 on snare drum, and a Lawson FET47 on kick drum. Overall
production by Jonathan Horwich

1 Poka Dots and Moon Beams 6:05
2 I remember You 9:52
3 When Joanna Loved Me 9:53
4 Bobplicity 7:30

Two of my favorite modern jazz musicians are alto saxophone player, Greg Ward and vibraphonist, Jason Adasiewicz. Both play straight-ahead jazz with a slight bent or avant nuance that makes their conception accessible yet highly original. Hence while this group of musicians (rounded out by Joshua Abrams on bass, Quin Kirchner on drums) plays in familiar, melodic territory, they lend a freshness and spark to what might otherwise be mundane or at least common. All in all, original yet accessible music manifested through natural, analog sound — unique music but very accessible. Engineering by Anthony Gravino of High Cross Sound.

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