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Greg Ward Organ Quartet DSD IPI - International Phonograph, Inc. (Pure DSD) IPI HDTT9456

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Greg Ward Organ Quartet DSD IPI - International Phonograph, Inc. (Pure DSD) IPI

Title: Greg Ward Organ Quartet
Artist(s): Greg Ward, Alto Sax
Matt Gold, Guitar
Don Chase, Organ
Greg Artry, Drums
Recording Info: Recorded on 6 Sept 2019 at Pro Musica, Chicago. Engineering by Jonathan Horwich, assisted by Ken Christianson to a custom 8-track Revox/Studer tape deck at 15ips IEC through a Manley microphone preamplifier. Microphones used were a Neumann U-67 on sax, a Telefunken 251e on guitar, two Neumann KM254's on organ, and a stereo pair of AKG 414 EBs on drums.

1. Untitled 6:32
2. Hittin' The Jug 9:47
3. Inside Straight 8:01
4. Long Ago And Far Away 8:33

The down-home, funky, jazz organ recordings of the 50’s and 60’s have always been a popular segment of the jazz repertoire. But being blues based, they could sometimes stray into repeatedly familiar territory and even descend into harmonically meaningless clichés. Not here. Greg Ward and his group (Ward on alto sax, Matt Gold on guitar, Don Chase on organ and Greg Artry on drums) lend a modern and original slant to the library of organ/guitar based jazz performances. Ward is at the forefront of Chicago avant jazz, yet here he plays the music right down the middle as do his colleagues – but not so commonly as to be boring. Just listen to the wonderful, modern, drumming of Greg Artry who propels the session forward, while lending modern punctuated accents and drum shots to the proceedings. Greg’s alto work is captured on a tube, Neumann U-67 while the guitar was mic’d with the legendary Telefunken 251e. Two Neumann, tube, KM 254s were used on the organ while the drums were covered with a stereo pair of AKG 414EBs. The result is an infectious session with as natural a sound as you’ll hear.

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