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George Fludas - Organ Quartet - International Phonograph, Inc. IPI HDTT7573

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George Fludas - Organ Quartet - International Phonograph, Inc. IPI
Title: George Fludas - Organ Quartet 
Artist(s): George Fludas - Drums
Scott Burns - Tenor Saxophone
Pete Benson - Hammond B3 Organ
Kyle Asche - Guitar
To quote jazz critic John Corbett: “George Fludas is one of the greatest drummers ever to come out of Chicago, an impeccable swinger with imagination, class, moxie, and a clear sense of the full span of jazz tradition.” Here, George is playing with his quartet featuring organ, guitar, tenor saxophone, and drums. The organ has a storied history in jazz, yet often played with repeated patterns and clichés -- but not here. Although the playing in these performances is grounded in traditional blues, it is original and creative. Further enhancing the enjoyment, only the highest quality equipment was used including (and unusually in the case of an organ) a coincident pair of Neumann KM 254’s on organ, a custom KMF stereo tube microphone on drums, a Neumann U-67 on tenor saxophone, and a Telefunken 251e on guitar. The recording was made to a hand-built Studer/Revox 8-track at 15ips, IEC. Not to be missed.

Recording Info: Recorded on 6 August 2018 at Tone Zone Recording, Chicago by Jonathan Horwich to a custom 8-track Revox/Studer C278 tape deck at 15ips IEC through a Manley 8 X 2 analog microphone preamplifier. Microphones used were a Neumann U-67 on tenor saxophone, a Telefunken 251 e on guitar, a custom, stereo, KMF omni-directional tube mic on overhead drums, and a Neuman FET 47 on kick drum, a pair of coincident cardiod Neuman 254's on organ midrange and a Neumann U-87 on organ bass.
Transferred from the 15ips master tape to DSD256 by Jonathan Horwich

1. Funky Fox 4:15
2. My Little Brown Book 8:16
3. Minor League 4:23
4. Sunday In New York 8:49
5. Night Mist Blues 3:59

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