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Dick Schory's - Music For Bang, Baaroom And Harp HDTT15148

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Dick Schory's - Music For Bang, Baaroom And Harp

Many consider "Dick Schory's New Percussion Ensemble Music For Bang, Baaroom, and Harp" to be an audiophile masterpiece. If you are passionate about high-quality sound reproduction, adding this release remastered in DSD256 to your collection would be a wise choice.

Artist(s): Conductor – Dick Schory
Percussion – Bob Wessberg, Bobby Christian, Dale Anderson
Edward Metzenger, Frank Rullo, Hubert Anderson, Jim Ross, Tom Davis
Bass [String] – Harold Siegel, John Frigo
Guitar – John Gray
Guitar, Banjo – Earl Backus
Harp – Carol Baum, Russell Crandall
Piano – Willis Charkovsky

Recording Info: Producer Bob Bollard
Recorded In Orchestra Hall, Chicago, June 2 and 3, 1958
Sourced from a 15ips 2-track tape
Analog: Transferred using a modified Studer 810 tape deck feeding a Merrill Tape Preamp
Digital: Merging Hapi Analog to Digital Converter clocked by an Antelope Audio 10MX Atomic Clock
Power Conditioning: Shunyata Research Everest 8000 for analog components
Shunyata Research Triton and Typhon for digital components
All components grounded to Shunyata ALTAIRA Hubs

1 National Emblem March 2:42
2 Baia 2:31
3 Way Down Yonder In New Orleans 2:11
4 Ding Dong Polka 2:35
5 April In Paris 3:05
6 Holiday In A Hurry 2:28
7 Buck Dance 2:30
8 Duel On The Skins 3:22
9 September In The Rain 2:30
10 Tiddley Winks 1:50
11 The Sheik Of Araby 2:40
12 Typee 3:34

Please Note: This release was mastered in DSD with no PCM. (Pure DSD)

Copyright © & ℗ High Definition Tape Transfers 2023, including all compilation, transfer, remastering, and restoration aspects

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