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Joe Policastro - Old School IPI HDTT13661

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Joe Policastro - Old School IPI

Artist(s): Joe Policastro: Acoustic Bass
Jeremy Kahn Piano
Andy Brown: Guitar
Eric Schneider: Clarinet
Ross Phillips: Trombone

Recording Info:  Recorded 15 September 2021 at Pro Musica, Chicago, Illinois, onto a custom Studer/Revox 8 track C-278. Microphones were a stereo pair of AKG 414EB's on piano, an Earthworks SV 33 on bass, a Telefunken 251e on guitar, a Neumann U-67 on Trombone, an AKG 414 ULS on clarinet, and a pair of AKG 414 ULS's on drums. Engineering by Jonathan Horwich and Ken Christianson.

1. Wabash Blues 8:23
2. Kansas City Shout 7:43
3. Squeeze Me 4:20
4. Just A Gigalow 5:55
5. Liza 2:43
6. 12th Street Rag 3:49

This performance, like the Vibes Quartet of Joe Policastro done in May of 2021, is one of the highest representations of fine analog sound IPI has produced. The music is indeed old school as it is named here, joyous. buoyant, and infectious. The musicianship here is superb in capturing the essence of this genre of music and communicating it to the listener. Further heightening the effect is the recorded sound, appropriately done with old-school microphones, some of which employ tubes, giving the proceedings a natural yet present sound. The session was recorded at Pro Musica Chicago, directly to a Studer/Revox custom 8-track tape recorder through Manley microphone preamps. Engineering by Jonathan Horwich and Ken Christianson. This is old-school music and analog sound at its best.

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