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Classic Expressions - DTR HDTT6207

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Classic Expressions - DTR

Title: Classic Expressions
Artist(s): The Not-So-Classical Chamber Ensemble - Richard Amoroso, leader
Transferred from the 15ips 2 track master tape

We are bringing this recording back remastered in DSD256; this recording has exceptional clarity with natural acoustics, an excellent demo recording.

This Direct-to-Tape recording was made using two Schoeps microphones and open reel recording equipment. No compression, equalization or limiting was used during its recording or editing. No splices or edits were made within any pieces. Like all Direct-to-Tape recordings, we recorded using only two microphones with the goal of duplicating the sound of the music as you would hear it at the live performance.
Producer and Engineer: Bob Sellman Recorded August and September 1981

1. Sabre Dance (Aram Khachaturian) 2:18
2. Nostalgia (Eloysa Barroso, arr. Almeida) 2:18
3. Whielwind (Carlos Salzedo) 2:58
4. Orientale - Spanish Dance No. 2 (Enrique Granados) 3:54
5. Zapateado (Pablo de Saraste) 3:34
6. Prelude in G (Rachmaninoff, an. Ron Amoroso) 3:32
7. Piece in the Form of a Habanera (Ravel) 3:15
8. The Bee (Franz Schubert) 1:20
9. Prelude II (Gershwin, arr.Pat Mercuri) 4:23
10. Flight of the Bumble Bee (Rimsky-Kor sakov) 1:19
11. The Girl with Flaxen Hair (Debussy) 2:48
12. Tico Tico (Zequinha) 1:38

Released with the Cooperation and Permission of DTR Recordings


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