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Britten Noye's Fludde - English Chamber Orchestra Conductor Norman Del Mar ‎ HDTT7704

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Britten Noye's Fludde - English Chamber Orchestra Conductor Norman Del Mar ‎

Title: Benjamin Britten ‎– Noye's Fludde
Artist(s): Conductor – Norman Del Mar
Orchestra – An East Suffolk Children's Orchestra & English Chamber Orchestra
Cello – Terence Weil
Conductor [Assistant Conductor] – Merlin Channon
Double Bass – Stuart Knussen
Leader – Emanuel Hurwitz
Organ – Ralph Downes
Percussion – James Blades
Piano [Piano Duet] – Martin Penny, Viola Tunnard
Recorder – Stanley Taylor
Viola – Cecil Aronowitz
Violin – Ivor McMahon
Vocals [Ham] – Darien Angadi
Vocals [Jaffett] – Stephen Alexander
Vocals [Mrs Ham] – Marie-Thérèse Pinto
Vocals [Mrs Jaffett] – Eileen O'Donovan
Vocals [Mrs Noye's Gossips] – Gillian Saunders, Kathleen Petch, Margaret Hawes, Patricia Garrod
Vocals [Mrs Noye] – Sheila Rex
Vocals [Mrs Sem] – Caroline Clack
Vocals [Noye] – Owen Brannigan
Vocals [Sem] – David Pinto
Voice [The Voice Of God] – Trevor Anthony

Recording Info: Producers: Harley Usill & Andrew Raeburn
Engineers: Alan Reeve & Kenneth Wilkinson
Recorded by Decca 3-4 July 1961 Orford Church, Suffolk

1. Lord Jesus, think on me (Congregation) 3:09
2. I, God, that all this world hath wroughte (God's Voice, Noye) 2:05
3. Have Done, You Men and Wemen All 2:39
4. Now in the name of God I will begyne (Noye, Noye's Children) 4:18
5. Noye, Noye, take thou thy company (God's Voice, Noye) 6:07
6. Wiffe, come in! why standes thou their? (Noye, Mrs. Noye, Sem, Gossips, Jaffett, Ham) 5:09
7. Ha! Children, Me Thinkes My Botte Removes 8:18
8. Now forty dayes are fullie gone (Noye) 5:10
9.Noye, take thy wife anone (God's Voice, Animals, Noye's Children, Mrs. Noye, Noye) 2:39
10. Noye, heare I behette thee a heste (God's Voice) 1:15
11. The spacious firmament on high (Noye's Children, Noye, Mrs. Noye, Animals, Congregation, God's Voice) 7:17


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