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Boardwalk Pipes - Robert Elmore, Organ HDTT4702

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Boardwalk Pipes - Robert Elmore,  Organ

Title: Boardwalk Pipes
Artist(s): Robert Elmore,  Organ
Recording Info: Transferred from a 2-track tape
Recorded by Mercury Records
Performed on the ballroom organ at the Atlantic City Convention Hall.
Recorded November 23-24, 1956.
Engineer - C. R. Fine
Recording Director - Wilma Cozart
Musical Supervisor - Harold Lawrence

Available only in download formats

1     The Stars And Stripes Forever
2     Stars In My Eyes     
3     Liebesfreud     
4     Old Refrain     
5     Marche Champêtre
6     Trumpet Voluntary
7     Fantasy On Nursery Themes


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