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Andy Duncanson And The High Cross Sound IPI HDTT12810

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Andy Duncanson And The High Cross Sound IPI

Title: Andy Duncanson: Vocals/guitar
Kurt Reeder: Wurlitzer electric piano
Ian Shepherd: Drums
Josh Walden: Bass
Recording Info: Recorded 26 May 2021 at High Cross Sound Urbana, Illinois, directly (mixing on the fly) to a Mara MCI JH-110 2-track tape recorder. Microphones employed were: kick drum, Lawson L47 FET; snare drum, Shure SM57; Tom tom drums, AKG 414 B-ULS; drum overheads, Neumann SM69 FET; drum Kit, Coles 4038; bass, Custom Jensen DI; Wurlitzer, Radial JDI; guitar, Shure SM57; vocals, Shure SM7. Engineering by Anthony Gravino of High Cross Sound. Production by Jonathan Horwich.

1. Can I Get A Hello 2:58
2. Down In Virginia 3:14
3. Rollin' Stranger 2:55
4. Sweet Little Angel 4:42
5. I'd Rather Drink Muddy Water 2:46
6. Turning Point 5:33
7. Going Down Slow 6:24
8. Dip My Toe In Gasoline 3:50

This is IPI’s first pure Chicago Blues release, a wonderful performance of down-home blues. And to add to the excitement this will be the first in a series of tapes that are recorded multi-track but mixed down to a two-track master right in the session, creating a two-track master on the fly in real-time. That is, the music is being mixed down to two tracks as the musicians are playing in the studio. No post-session EQ, compression, mixing, etc. The result is fresh spontaneous sound done in a wonderful studio atmosphere. The name “High Cross Sound” will denote this in the future, recorded by engineer Anthony Gravino of High Cross Sound. But without the wonderful musicians and their authentic blues performance it would mean nothing. In this case, both the sound and performance came together to produce an electric result. 

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