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Holst The Planets - Gershwin - Smith - Krager TMF HDTT14992

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Holst The Planets - Gershwin - Smith - Krager TMF

The technique used to record the massive sound of large symphony orchestra in the Moores Opera House is simple and direct. Simple, in that five Neumann and Peluso omnidirectional condenser microphones are carefully placed to capture the total soundstage from the point of view of the conductor on the podium. Direct, in that, each microphone feeds into a single channel of the high-resolution digital recorder with no mixing, equalization, or other manipulation of the pure sound coming from each mic. The result is heard in five-channel surround sound reproduction (in a home theater system, for instance) places the listener on the podium with the conductor – in effect, "immersed" in the sound. 

Title:  Gustav Holst – The Planets
George Gershwin – Second Rhapsody, “Rhapsody in Rivets”
Rob Smith – Snapdragon
Artist(s): Franz Anton Krager, conductor
Mei-Ann Chen, conductor
Texas Music Festival Orchestra, Houston
Andrew Staupe, piano
Recording Info: Recorded in public concerts in the Moores Opera House, University of Houston
Holst – 9 June 2018; Gershwin and Smith – 11 June 2022
Produced & Recorded by John Gladney Proffitt
5.0 channel Immersive Surround Sound
High Resolution 24-bit, 192k sampling rate

GUSTAV HOLST – The Planets (1917)
1 Mars, the Bringer of War 08:12
2 Venus, the Bringer of Peace 7:58
3 Mercury, the Winged Messenger 4:40
4 Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollity 8:18
5 Saturn, the Bringer of Old Age 8:51
6 Uranus, the Magician 6:06
7 Neptune, the Mystic 9:17
8 GEORGE GERSHWIN – Second Rhapsody, “Rhapsody in Rivets” (1931) 15:21
9 ROB SMITH – Snapdragon (2022) 3:01


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