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High Definition Tape Transfers is the brainchild of an avid 2 & 4 track open-reel collector and a serious audiophile. Collected over the years, many of our tapes contain forgotten performances of historical importance. Our mission is to preserve and share these rare gems with other music lovers by painstakingly remastering them with the finest state-of-the-art equipment and best techniques available.

Our very special releases are your gateway to a unique musical and sonic adventure. Every one of the techniques of the HDTT transcription process makes important, audible contributions to the quality of the encoded digital signal. All of them together make sonic magic. The improvements with HDTT releases produce unusually good sound quality and are apparent on any kind of system.

In today's world, it is truer than ever that music is precious. You'll appreciate the opportunity to hear performances which are otherwise unavailable to you in any other medium. We are sure that as a music lover you will be impressed, delighted, and even astonished by the recordings offered by High Definition Tape Transfers. In fact, we are confident that they will do nothing less than redefine what you think is possible from the much maligned compact disc. Happy listening and again, THANK YOU for visiting the HDTT website!


Please Note: Prices may change without notice.