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Oceans Eat Cities - Neil Rolnick HDTT12849

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Oceans Eat Cities - Neil Rolnick

Composer Neil Rolnick pioneered the use of computers in musical performance, beginning in the late 1970s. His music has been performed worldwide and appears on 21 recordings. The recipient of numerous awards, residencies, and commissions, his music often explores combinations of digital sampling, interactive multimedia, and acoustic vocal, chamber, and orchestral ensembles. He developed the first integrated electronic arts graduate and undergraduate programs in the US at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute's iEAR Studios, where he was a professor for 32 years. The three works on this recording include one for string quartet with a computer; a work for piano and laptop computer; and a work for violin, piano, and laptop computer.

Neil Rolnick, composer
Oceans Eat Cities
VOXARE String Quarter; Neil Rolnick (computer)

Neil Rolnick, composer
Neil Rolnick (piano & computer)

Neil Rolnick, composer
Deal With The Devil
Jennifer Choi (violin); Kathleen Supové (piano); Neil Rolnick (computer)

Recording Info;
Erik Peterson, recording engineer
Sheldon Steiger, post-production and
mastering engineer
Deal With The Devil was recorded Nov 20, 2018, at
Metropolitan State University, Denver, CO.
Oceans Eat Cities and Mirages were recorded
July 14 & 17, 2019 at Western Colorado University,
Gunnison, CO.

1 No Change in Carbon Emissions, RCP 8.5 [8:19]
2 Maximum Change in Carbon Emissions,
3 In the Desert [3:30]
4 On the Water [3:14]
5 On the Highway [5:49]
Neil Rolnick, piano & computer
Deal With The Devil (2017)
6 Section 1 [2:31]
7 Section 2 [5:07]
8 Transition 1 [1:37]
9 Section 3 [5:09]
10 Transition 2 [1:34]
11 Section 4 [5:01]
12 Transition 3 [1:36]
13 Section 5 [4:43]


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