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After purchasing your music you will receive an e-mail link to download your purchase. Please keep this for your records if you need to re-download your purchase. If you lose your e-mail link just supply us with a order number and we will send via e-mail a new link. There is no need to use a download manager any web browser will do the job to download you purchase.
All of our titles are delivered with all the tracks complete and they are archived with .zip compression
just decompress the zip and you will be ready to go.
Liner notes for all the titles are available to download at the titles product page.

We strongly encourage you to back up all of your music files we cannot be responsible for lost files.

Our files are stored in a content delivery network (CDN) it is a system of distributed servers (network) that cache the files worldwide so what this means for the consumer is more reliable and consistent downloads around the globe.

We strongly recommend a high bandwith connection. These files are large and most will be over 100 megabytes in size. They are compressed in Flac compression. Most music software will play them back as is, but if it becomes necessary to decode them to bring them back to .wav status, use  db Power Amp Music Converter for any of your file conversions. On a Mac we recommend xACT - Audio Compression Toolkit .

If you would prefer to burn these onto a CD or DVD, for optimal sound quality we recommend a good burning program such as Sony's CD Architect for PC. For the Mac we recommend Roxio Toast. Toast will also burn the 24/96 files to DVD format. A good program for a PC to burn 24/96 files is Cirlinca. High quality media is essential along with a high quality burner, preferably an external unit. Burners inside of computer cases are in a very noisy environment. Please remember jitter is a major factor in the burning process. If you do not have a good burning setup, we would strongly recommend you purchase the discs from us. To sample rate convert (SRC) to 16/44 to burn on redbook CD's we recommend a high quality SRC such as r8brain, which is available free at www.voxengo.com. Of course, please e-mail us with any suggestions that you might have on any of our products.

A great place to learn how to play files on your computer or home music server please visit the computer audiophile academy .

Thank you and Happy listening!