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Gregorian Chant - Choir Of The Carmelite Priory HDTT15636

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Gregorian Chant - Choir Of The Carmelite Priory

The Choir of the Carmelite Priory is renowned for its beautiful and spiritual music. Carmelite Priories are monastic communities of the Carmelite Order, known for their dedication to contemplative prayer and spirituality.

Artist(s): Choir – The Choir Of The Carmelite Priory, London
Directed By – John McCarthy

Recording Info: Engineer – Alan Stagg Producer – James Burnett
Recorded by L'Oiseau-Lyre / Decca at Brompton Little Oratory, January 1961
Transferred from a 2-track tape
Analog: Transferred using a modified Studer 810 tape deck feeding a Merrill Tape Preamp
Digital: Merging Hapi Analog to Digital Converter clocked by an Antelope Audio 10MX Atomic Clock
Power Conditioning: Shunyata Research Everest 8000 for all components
All components grounded to Shunyata ALTAIRA Hubs

1 Responsories 13:00
2 Hymns 8:28
3 Antiphons 3:13
4 Gospel Tone 1:30
5 Laudes Seu Acclamationes 3:07
6 Gradual: Flores Apparuerunt 2:54
7 Alleluia · Communions 6:40
8 Antiphon · Ave Verum 4:03
9 Antiphonal Psalmody - Lumen Ad Revelationem
Nunc Dimittis 2:24
10 Mariam Antiphons - Alma Redemptoris
Ave Regina Caelorum · Regina Caeli · Salve Regina 6:15

Please Note: This release was edited in DXD PCM from a DSD256 Master
then the DXD edited master was used to generate the final DSD files using
Merging Technologies Album Publishing.

DXD (352.8KHz 24/32 bit PCM) is one of the best and least destructive formats for post-processing DSD originated digital recordings

Copyright © & ℗ High Definition Tape Transfers 2024, including all compilation, transfer, remastering, and restoration aspects

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