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Davyd Booth at Longwood Gardens HDTT6952

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Davyd Booth at Longwood Gardens

Title: Davyd Booth at Longwood Gardens
Artist(s): Davyd Booth, violin
George Reeves, piano
Recording Info: Producer and engineer. Bob Sellman
Artists & Repertoire Coordinator. William Marsh
Recorded July 21, 1983 al Longwood Gardens, Kennell Square, PA
This Direct-to-Tape recording was mastered
using two Schoeps microphones and recorded
using the Sony PCMF1 digital unit. No
limiting, equalization, or compression was used
for this recording. Each movement or piece remains
a complete performance, with no splices.
Mastered from tape.
Released with the Cooperation and Permission of DTR Recordings

l. "Canticle" from Tre Canti (Pizzetti) Appassionato 4:46
2. Legende in E-flat (Delius) 8:29
Sonata #2 in G Major, Op. 2 (Grieg)
3. Lento doloroso; Allegro vivace 9:09
4. Allegretto tranquillo 6:35
5. Allegro animato 5:28
6. Elegy, Op. posth. (Finzi) 8:26
Total Time: 32:57


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