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The Modern Jazz Quartet – November 1961 Paris, France IPI HDTT12330

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The Modern Jazz Quartet – November 1961 Paris, France IPI

Artist(s):  John Lewis: piano
Milt Jackson: vibraphone
Connie Kay: drums
Percy Heath: bass

Recording Info: Live concert recorded 4 Nov 1961 at the Olympia Theatre in Paris France. Recorded on a Telefunken MS mono tape recorder and using assorted microphones such as Neumann U47's, Shure dynamic microphones on drums. 

For those who don’t know, the MJQ was THE jazz group that successfully and brilliantly combined classical chamber music with jazz — and often with a blues undercurrent. The result is stunning, yet gorgeous, easy-to-listen-to jazz that has captivated thousands of fans.  The classic group consists of Milt Jackson on vibes, John Lewis on piano, Connie Kay on drums, and Percy Heath on bass. What this group created is truly extraordinary.  Sonically, the tape is mono, very natural and open with a very appreciative French audience always present.  Not to be missed.

This is a monophonic recording

1. Golden Striker 5:30
2. Django 5:04
3. Bag's Groove 5:53
4. Trieste 9:39
5. Unknown 3:50
6. I'll Remember April 5:48



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