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Ira Sullivan - Blue Stroll IPI HDTT12514

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Ira Sullivan - Blue Stroll IPI

Ira Sullivan, Blue Stroll, 26 July 1959 – Chicago Illinois
Ira Sullivan was a trumpeter and saxophonist who played in Chicago in the 1950s with multi-instrumental skills rarely possessed by other players. Here he is captured on monophonic tape playing straight-ahead jazz with the great Johnny Griffin who improvises wonderfully along with a stellar rhythm section of Jodie Christian on piano, Victor Sproles on bass, and Wilbur Campbell on drums. Originally recorded by Richard Cunliffe for Delmark Records on a Magnecorder tape deck. So old school and so good.

Artist(s): Ira Sullivan: trumpet, baritone, sax, alto sax, peck horn
Johnny Griffin, saxophones
Jodie Christian: piano
Vic Sproles: bass
Wilbur Campbell: drums

Recording Info: Recorded 26 July 1959 by Richard Cunliffe in Chicago, Illinois for Delmark Records on a Magnecorder tape deck.

1. My Old Flame 6:40
2. Bluzinbee 19:46
3. Blue Stroll 5:52
*The order of solos on Bluzinbee is
Christian, piano; Ira, baritone sax;
Griffin, alto sax; Ira, trumpet; Griffin,
tenor sax; Ira, peck horn; Griffin,
baritone sax; Ira, alto sax; Wilbur,



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