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Gary Peacock and Chick Corea - Spontaneity IPI HDTT12434

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Gary Peacock and Chick Corea - Spontaneity IPI

Artist(s): Gary Peacock, acoustic bass
Chick Corea, piano
Recording Info:

Two of my favorite musicians are Gary Peacock (acoustic bass) and Chick Corea (acoustic piano). I was lucky enough to record them both in a duet setting with Chick playing the wonderful Mark Allen piano in a lovely acoustic environment. The playing here is modern and free, hence the title. At certain moments it is extraordinary. It is always unfettered and adventurous. Sonically, it was captured on the incredible Stellavox, Stellamaster SP8 tape recorder using only two B&K microphones lending a natural, open sound to the proceedings. As an added note, not long after this session Miles Davis discovered Gary and he spent a year playing with Miles (they never recorded unfortunately). Soon after that Gary achieved lasting fame playing with Keith Jarrett and his trio.  Jonathan Horwich

Recorded 5/6 June 1979 at the Delphian Foundation, Oregon.
Recorded originally at 15ips IEC onto a Stellavox Stellamaster SP8 tape recorder employing two omnidirectional Bruel and Kjaer 4133/2619 capsule/preamp combinations. Microphone preamplification used was two Mark Levinson ML 8s. Custom 9-foot concert grand piano by Mark Allen. Engineered by Jonathan Horwich. 

1. lmprov #1 7:35 (fades at end)
2. lmprov #2 5:24
3. lmprov #3 5:27
4. lmprov #4 5:05
5. lmprov #5 3:21
6. Im prov #6 4:11



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