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Dave Miller Guitar Trio Cover IPI HDTT13798

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Dave Miller Guitar Trio Cover IPI

Artist(s): Dave Miller: Guitar
Joe Policastro: Acoustic Bass
Andrew Green: Drums
Recording Info: Recorded 15 April 2022 at Pro Musica, Chicago, Illinois, onto a custom
Studer/Revox 8-track C-278. Microphones were a stereo pair of AKG C-414 ULS's on guitar, an Earthworks SV 33 on bass, and a pair of AKG 414 EBs on drums. Microphone preamp was a Grace m801 mk2. Engineering by Jonathan Horwich and Ken Christianson.

This tape, featuring a guitar trio performance, could be thought of as a follow-up to IPI’s earlier release in August of 2020 of the Joe Policastro Guitar Trio.  That tape was wildly popular, as this follow-up has proven to also be.  Interestingly, they provide not only a musical comparison (as the two tapes share the tune “Blue Bayou”), but they invite an audio comparison as well, showing slightly different recording techniques and approaches to sound. Both are valid visions, and both provide an unobtrusive vehicle to hear wonderful musicians playing with each other in a modern jazz setting.   The song's melodies (“We Shall Overcome,” “Blue Bayou,” Please Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood”) provide a familiar base for the listener upon which the musicians can explore a modern yet wholly accessible interpretation.   The session was recorded at Pro Musica Chicago, directly to a custom Studer/Revox 8-track tape recorder through a Grace 8-channel preamp, creating a natural and transparent sound. Engineering by Jonathan Horwich and Ken Christianson.

1. Freedom For The Stallion 5:29
2. Please Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood 7:12
3. We Shall Overcome 6:57
4. Blue Bayou 9:51
5. How About You 4:00

Please Note: This release was mastered in DSD with no PCM. (Pure DSD)


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