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Introducing HDTT's Vinyl Record Restoration Series

Introducing HDTT's Vinyl Record Restoration Series

HDTT is introducing a new series of recordings called the VRR (Vinyl Record Restoration) series. As the name implies, we will be releasing high-resolution transfers sourced from great sounding vinyl record pressings, in many cases original pressings. We have done many months of trials with numerous configurations of vinyl playback systems and have come up with an exceptional sounding one. Our experience seems to be proving, yet again, the old saying that recordings have always captured better sound than their contemporaneous playback systems were able to deliver.

You may ask why we are offering a series transferred from vinyl when our primary sources have been tape. Well, we have been extremely impressed with the vinyl record playback advancements that have become available in the last few years, and helped by High-End Audio manufacturers; we are convinced that this will be an exciting new series for our customers. In some cases, when we compared the commercial tape release (and amazingly, many 15ips 2-track dubs) with the corresponding LP release (especially the original pressing, which often sounds better than subsequent reissues), the LP was superior to the tape source, mainly due to the recent advancements in LP playback. A very significant advancement relates to the best new cartridge designs, which reveal that LP grooves can actually be very quiet--what we previously assumed was unavoidable LP groove noise was actually cartridge noise. Advancements in turntable design can be equally dramatic. Improved electronics likewise play a large part. HDTT has maximized every link in the chain to achieve the most up-to-date improvements in record playback.

We have also implemented our 16 years of experience with noise reduction techniques for the VRR series, which will result in the best possible, least intrusive restoration from the transfers.

We are committed to offering our customers the best sound quality no matter the source format, and with our reputation for outstanding sound, adding vinyl record playback will expand our already great-sounding catalog. All titles released in the VRR series will show the logo on their product page.

Some customers may have a preconception that if something is transferred from vinyl, it can't be better than a transfer from tape. Please listen before you make any such decision. The proof is in the sonics; we believe that you will be as surprised and impressed as we were.

Special thanks to Harry & Mat Weisfeld from VPI Industries and Merrill Wettasinghe from Merrill Audio.

HDTT's Vinyl Playback system consists of the following:
VPI - HW-40 Anniversary Direct Drive Turntable - Ortofon MC Anna Diamond Cartridge - Merrill Audio Jens Phono Stage Preamplifier - Purist Audio Cables - Synergistic Research UEF Record Weight & UEF Record Mat - Power Conditioning by the Shunyata Everest 8000 - Degritter ultrasonic record cleaner

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Please remind me what the ADC chain is? Thank you.


I downloaded the Reiner Unfinished flac file to my Win 11 laptop and then to a USB drive. Sound quality is very good except for the frequent audio dropouts. I’m playing the USB through my Marantz SA-10 SACD player’s DAC’s direct USB input. Can you explain why I’m getting so many dropouts? I’m trying to decide on ordering the Leinsdorf Die Walkure on the Gold CDs or a DSD 256 file. At this point I’m leaning towards the Gold CDs. I have the London LP 5 record set that I purchased over 40 years ago that is still among my fav Die Walkure recordings. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

Fred De Lucia

I’m happy that you are taking this step. Question: have you compared the end product of your approach vs. that if Pristine Classical? What did you find? Thanks

Shankha Mitra

I too am amazed at how good the Schubert Symphonies under Fritz Reiner sound! I will be listening to these over and over again in the coming weeks, trying to find something to object to in the sonics. So far, I have found nothing but audiophile-grade excellence. Oddly, the DSD 256 VRR tracks sound amazingly like vinyl. Considering that the vinyl original was an RCA Living Stereo Shaded Dog (&Layton/Mohr) issue, that’s a very good thing! All the best to Bob Witrak and HDTT on this VRR project. I’m excited for it.

GEORGE R WITTERSCHEIN, NJ Audio Society newsletter editor

I wonder where you can get old LPs from which are still in a good shape.

Attila Pataki

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