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Judy Garland: Swan Songs , First Flights HDTT13763

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Judy Garland: Swan Songs , First Flights

A LIMITED NUMBER of this great historical 3 CD set published in 2015 are available. Note: these sets are original issue, factory sealed, not a reissue or reprinting, and they are available only in standard CD format (44/16).
When these sets are gone, there will be no more. All restoration work by John H. Haley of Harmony Restorations LLC.

Although restored for the best possible sound, much of the very rare content in this set was restored from sources that were far from ideal with respect to audio quality, and the historical sound quality heard on this set is not typical of HDTT’s usual superb standards.
This set was the first to make available a number of live performances from Judy Garland’s final year, demonstrating beyond any doubt that contrary to “urban legend,” Garland’s voice and performing remained on a high level in her final year. The three major concerts included are (1) a complete live stadium concert in Philadelphia on July 20, 1968, which was her last appearance in the U.S. (taped from the audience), (2) the surviving recordings from Garland’s “Talk of the Town” appearances in London, December 30, 1968—February 1, 1969 (taped by John Meyer and Mickey Deans from the audience), and (3) live concert at Falkoner Centret, Copenhagen on March 29, 1969, from original radio station broadcast tapes. [More of the Copenhagen concert was discovered after this 2015 set was released, and the new 2022 restoration heard on HDTT 13523 is not only the complete concert but it is restored to far better sound quality than heard in this 2015 set, based on our now having two independent tape sources available as well as greatly improved restoration techniques in the intervening years.] This set also contains a lot more rare content, including a series of recordings from Garland’s youth (the “First Flights”).
Harmony Restorations LLC

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