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We will be offering many of our popular titles and new releases available in Quad DSD (DSD256) With a resolution up to 256 times better than CD, your ears will immediately realize the full potential of your playback system. DSD256 is the highest audio resolution format available today.
Note: DSD has limited editing capabilities. To keep it pure DSD with no PCM used, I had to allow some blemishes to remain from the original tape source that would be normally edited out in a PCM release.
Remastered using the Merging Pyramix Workstation

Read what David Robinson editor of Postive Feedback Online said after he heard a couple of our future releases:
“Just when I thought that High Definition Tape Transfers couldn’t up its game any further than its killer releases in Double DSD, they prove me wrong! Here they come in Quad DSD! The new releases in DSD256, using the brilliant new Merging Technologies HAPI DSD analog-to-digital converter at its Quad DSD rate, is absolutely stunning. The transparency, dynamics, detail, texture, harmonics, spatiality, and the rich sense of musical revelation absolutely riveted me to my chair. The ease! The naturalness! The dimensionality!
 I was so taken by the quality of what I was hearing, that the word “enchantment” really has to be considered.
 This is what being ‘connected to the music’ is all about. It’s the oneness with a performance that happens at the level of soul, with both body and spirit transported by the glory of a brilliant recording.
 HDTT has pulled out all the stops, and now takes the position as being the
first company to reissue major classical orchestral recordings in Quad DSD. Kudos to Bob Witrak and company for such a brilliant feat, and for pioneering the brave new world of Quad DSD commercial download releases!
 And yes, you may definitely consider this to be my very highest recommendation – with great enthusiasm!”

Look for our DSD256 titles in our category windows and click on the "DSD256" tab