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 We offer the option to burn your own CD of our titles, instead of the purchase of our titles on physical discs.

This is an easy process which allows almost instant enjoyment of your purchase and saves postage costs. Simply select the "16/44 PCM Wav Digital Download" (please note these files are not tagged with metadata) format from the dropdown menu when placing your order, and download the audio files from which to burn your own CD, playable in any CD or DVD player or computer CD drive.

Converting DSD files for Burning Discs
If you need DSD files converted to Flac or Wav format. Converting DSD to WAV using a MAC
You can use DSDMaster, and it converts DSD files to WAV, FLAC, Apple Lossless, AIFF.
You can also try Samplerate Converter.

For Windows
On Windows , you can use software from Samplerate Converter.

Booklets and tray cards are already downloadable for free on the HDTT site, using the button labeled "Download Cover Art and Liner Notes" on the webpages for individual titles.

For detailed instructions on burning CDs using Windows Media Player, a program that comes with Windows, please refer to this web article:

There are also very good free downloadable CD burning programs that are quite easy to use, such as

If you don't own a CD burner, you can purchase an affordable external CD drive one from online retailers like Amazon, Target, or Best Buy for under $30.

A wide variety of high quality blank CD-Rs are available on Amazon and other sites. For example, search "Blank CD-R Discs" on Amazon.

If you require further information, please feel free to contact us.