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Miles Davis - Kind Of Blue - Includes Pitch Corrected Tracks HDTT13879

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Miles Davis - Kind Of Blue - Includes Pitch Corrected Tracks

Artist(s): Trumpet – Miles Davis
Tenor Saxophone – John Coltrane
Alto Saxophone – Julian Adderly
Bass – Paul Chambers
Drums – James Cobb
Piano – Bill Evans, Wynton Kelly (Track 2)

Recording Info: Recorded at Columbia 30th Street Studio, New York City,
On March 2, 1959 (#1-3) And April 22, 1959 (#4 & 5)
Sourced from a 15ips 2-track tape
Analog: Transferred using a modified Studer 810 tape deck feeding a Merrill Tape Preamp
Digital: Merging Hapi Analog to Digital Converter clocked by a Antelope Audio 10MX Atomic Clock
Power Conditioning: Shunyata Research Everest 8000 for analog components
Shunyata Research Triton and Typhon for digital components

This product also includes the pitch-corrected first three tracks
They have been post-processed using DXD 24/352.8 PCM

1 So What 8:56
2 Freddie Freeloader 9:32
3 Blue In Green 5:27
4 All Blues 11:34
5 Flamenco Sketches 9:32
Corrected Speed Tracks
6 So What 8:56
7 Freddie Freeloader 9:32
8 Blue In Green 5:27

Please Note: This release was mastered in DSD with no PCM. (Pure DSD)

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